Uncover valuable insights to aid in decision-making.

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Leverage data analysis and visualization to gain valuable business insights and optimize your processes for maximum profitability and growth. We use the latest technologies and tools to help you make sense of your data and provide you with meaningful insights. Our team of experts can develop custom data visualizations and dashboards to make it easy for you to understand the data and make informed decisions. With our data analytics services, you can identify trends, patterns, and opportunities that can help your business achieve its goals.

Drive business momentum with advanced analytics

Reveal the truth about your business as a whole, individual departments, different locations and more.

  • Uncover patterns and the reasons behind those patterns;
  • Expose weaknesses and prioritize what you need to improve;
  • Discover opportunities, pursue them, and double-down on what’s working well.

One-time or recurring data analysis

Getting ready to make a big decision and need a one-off report? We are happy to complete custom analytics projects to support your decision-making.
Looking for ongoing intelligence?
We can collect and process your data regularly to deliver ongoing insights

Peer into the the future

While we don’t have a crystal ball, we can help you get a glimpse with predictive analytics. Our data experts analyze your data and estimate the likelihood of future events and outcomes.

Leverage strategy-informed data visualization

Charts and graphs are only valuable if they are relevant. At Data Maze, you’ll work with seasoned business analysts who have a clear understanding of business metrics and tools like Tableau to deliver the graphic representations that matter to you.

Why Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the science of analyzing raw data and the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling that data in order to draw conclusions from it. Techniques used for data analytics can reveal trends and metrics that otherwise would be lost in the mass of data.

Should we Stop keeping data that we don’t need?

Too much data can be a bad thing. If you are not deleting unnecessary data, you’ll face high storage costs, inefficient, overloaded systems, and increased security risks. We help you define what data is needed and what can be culled and set up automated deletion protocols – so you can keep your data organized and clean.

Will my data be secure?

Depending on where your data is located, we ensure that your new platform is secure, address vulnerabilities in your existing databases, develop back-up processes, and educate you on the best practices when it comes to keeping your data safe.