Why Data Maze?

The world of technology is full of complexity and uncertain waypoints that need expert help and analysis. If you are a business looking to elevate your business to the next level, then you have found the right partner, Data Maze.
Half of the work is done by choosing the right IT partner that can make your business work flawlessly when you are looking for new opportunities and creative ideas for the business.
The infrastructure and talent available at Data Maze ensures Cloud Data Solutions and Amazing Customer Experience. Our team works all round the clock to find the best strategies for an array of businesses and create an enriching
experience for the stockholders.
Cloud Data Solutions are evolving at an exponential rate, creating a highly competitive market for those who understand technology and market dynamics. To deliver services to both the customers and business, we evolve our understanding
and create an ecosystem that benefits all the stockholders associated with Tech Receptives.

Why Data Architecture?

Data is everywhere in business – from systems, to departmental databases, spreadsheets, and reports. Often erratic and duplicated across systems, the quality of your data depends on multiple variables. Despite the chaotic quality your data can have it is the core of business – which makes the need for quality architecture more important.

Why Data Engineering?

Like any engineer – Data Engineers design and build. In the case of data engineering, what they are building are the pipelines that transport and transform your data into an ideal format for your business needs. Pipelines take data from many disjointed and separate sources and collect them into a Data Lake or a Data warehouse that represents in a uniform way the single source of truth for the enterprise data. All reports depend on the Data Warehouse. Trust is key.

Why Data Warehousing?

As your business grows, it may become more difficult to make decisions that steer your business in the right direction, especially if all your data is housed in various places. We are often approached by businesses who have their data reporting in different systems that don’t talk to one another seamlessly.

Why Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the science of analyzing raw data and the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling that data in order to draw conclusions from it. Techniques used for data analytics can reveal trends and metrics that otherwise would be lost in the mass of data.

Why Data Science?

Data Science is a term that can encompass a lot of different data related services. Some of these you can learn more about under Data Architecture or Data Engineering. Let’s break down why data science is so important and how it can positively impact your business!

Should we Stop keeping data that we don’t need?

Too much data can be a bad thing. If you are not deleting unnecessary data, you’ll face high storage costs, inefficient, overloaded systems, and increased security risks. We help you define what data is needed and what can be culled and set up automated deletion protocols – so you can keep your data organized and clean.

Will my data be secure?

Depending on where your data is located, we ensure that your new platform is secure, address vulnerabilities in your existing databases, develop back-up processes, and educate you on the best practices when it comes to keeping your data safe.